Exploring donor demographics effects on hepatocyte yield and viability: Results of whole human liver isolation from one center
Application of pulsed electric ? elds for the valorization of platelets with no therapeutic value for transfusion medicine
The growing role of precision and personalized medicine for cancer treatment
Real-time measurement of cholesterol secreted by human hepatocytes using a novel microfluidic assay
End-to-end blood testing device demonstrates capacity to draw sample and provide diagnostic results at the point-of-care
A scale-up nanoporous membrane centrifuge for reverse osmosis desalination without fouling
A photocrosslinkable, thermoreversible, type-I collagen bioink for photolithographic printing of 3D scaffolds
A novel model for ex situ reperfusion of the human liver following subnormothermic machine perfusion
University of Minnesota researchers report novel in silica platform for investigating quiescence in dormancy-capable cancer cells
Rapid antibiotic sensitivity test using microfabricated microwell arrays
Paper pumps power portable microfl uidics, biomedical devices
Continuous-flow, electrically-triggered, single cell-level electroporation
A cost-effective micromilling platform for rapid prototyping of microdevices
Image-based modeling: A novel tool for realistic simulations of artificial bone cultures
Responsive filtration membranes by polymer self-assembly
A three-dimensional paper-based microbial fuel cell operating under continuous flow condition
Electropermanent magnet actuation for droplet ferromicrofluidics
A computational model was developed to simulate the long term effects of cardiac regenerative therapies in a left ventricle
An all-on-chip method for testing neutrophil chemotaxis induced by fMLP and COPD patient's sputum
Two-stage nanoparticle delivery of piperlongumine and tumor necrosis factor-related apoptosis-inducing ligand (TRAIL) anti-cancer therapy
Silica nanoparticles deliver siRNAs through novel endocytosis pathway, resulting in effi cient silencing without cytotoxicity
Rapid generation of collagen-based microtissues to study cell-matrix interactions
Signal transduction of the physical environment in the neural differentiation of stem cells
Extensive review of key contributions to understanding the mechanics of the urinary bladder with a focus on material testing and theoretical modeling
A hybrid neural interface optrode with a polycrystalline diamond heat spreader for optogenetics
Engineered monomeric streptavidin for cell labeling and proximity dependent biotinylation
Versatile microfl uidic platform provides quantitative assessment of dynamic deformability and adhesion of red blood cells
Collagen and heparan sulfate coatings differentially alter cell proliferation and attachment in vitro and in vivo
High-throughput evaluation of synthetic metabolic pathways
Study reports liquid salts deliver drugs through the skin with enhanced effi cacy and reduced toxicity
Phase morphology of segmental polyurethanes provides signals for endothelial cells to organize into networks
A microfluidic biochip for blood cell counts at the point-of-care
Micro photosynthetic power cells may be the green energy fount for next generation
Pneumothorax treatment gets less painful
Pre-purifi cation system allows heightened purity of a metal binding compound
A novel technology to produce microalgae biomass as feedstock for biofuel, food, feed and more
The consortium of motile and cellulose degrading bacteria can be used for Solid State cellulose hydrolysis
Process concept for a zero-emission route to clean middle-distillate fuels from coal
Perspectives on using pulse electric fi eld to enhance biogas yield in anaerobic digestion
BioLEGO - A web-based application for biorefi nery design and evaluation of serial biomass fermentation
Scaffold-integrated microchips for end-to-end in vitro tumor cell attachment and xenograft formation
Microfabricated device allows evaluation of the efficacy, toxicity of drugs metabolized through the liver
Biogas to biomethane upgrading by water absorption column at low pressure and temperature
Stain-less staining provides a new tool for clinicians and researchers
"Universal" vitrifi cation of cells by ultra-fast cooling
Intermittently delivered pulsed electric fi elds technology could replace boiling and refrigeration of milk in the low-income countries
Modulating electrolytic tissue ablation with reversible electroporation pulses
Fast sorting of CD4+ T cells from whole blood usingglass microbubbles
RF heating of magnetic nanoparticles improves the thawing of cryopreserved biomaterials
New study shows that yoga and meditation may help train the brain
Milestone reached in work to build replacement kidneys in the lab
Continuous fabrication system for highly aligned polymer fi lms provides method for tuning mechanical and thermal properties in bulk polymers
Stochastic variations of migration speed between cells in clonal populations
Accounting for biological aggregation in heating and imaging of magnetic nanoparticles
Focal blood-brain-barrier disruption with high-frequency pulsed electric fields
A highly sensitive microsphere-based assay for early detection of Type I diabetes
Aqueous two-phase systems enable multiplexing of homogeneous immunoassays
Inherent magnetic fields can be exploited to measure the positions of ferromagnetic objects accurately without requiring pre-calibration
Stopping scar growth and reducing scar tissues with a novel drug-eluting patch
Pulsed electrical fields destroy antibiotic-resistant bacteria infecting burn injuries
Device isolates most aggressive cancer cells
Brain-on-a-chip axonal strain injury model highlights mitochondrial membrane potential threshold and assesses potential new therapeutic
Nanoparticle "barcodes" can be painted onto tissues to enable the rapid diagnostic imaging of multiple cancer-related biomarkers
Chemically- and mechanically-tunable porated polyethylene glycol gels for leukocyte integrin independent and dependent chemotaxis
An ultrathin collagen matrix biomaterial tool for 3-D microtissue engineering
Tiny biomolecular tweezers facilitate study of mechanical force effects on cells and proteins
Diffeomorphometry and Geodesic Positioning Systems for human anatomy
A pocket-size ultrasonic nebulizer employing a novel silicon-based megahertz (MHz) multiple-Fourier horn nozzle produces monodisperse aerosols for improved inhaled drug delivery
Design and development of a force sensing skin adapted to a child surrogate to identify potential bruising locations
Combining cryoablation and nanoparticle-encapsulated anticancer drug is effective in destroying cancer stemlike cells
Structural insights into the inner workings of a viral nanomachine
Enhancing the immune response through next generation polymeric vaccine adjuvants
High voltage, short pulsed electric fields hold promise to reveal the enigma of scars and to induce scarless tissue regeneration
UCF researchers develop breakthrough in neuromuscular junction studies
Multimodal tracking of cell dynamics over months gives microscopic view of complex processes in skin regeneration
Simple, non-invasive eye test can replace skin biopsy for diagnosing small nerve fiber loss and evaluating the efficacy of therapeutics
Microfluidic platform enables measurement of neutrophil directional migration from a droplet of blood
Graphene: a promising new material for electrochemical sensor technology
Modifications to a recombinant Mullerian inhibiting substance brings this new biological therapeutic one step closer to clinical testing in ovarian cancer patients
Full automated venipuncture device can improve pediatric experience
Target DNA detection and quantitation on a single cell with single base resolution