Fashioned as a high-impact, high-visibility, top-echelon publication, this new ground-breaking journal - Innovation and Emerging Technologies - will feature the development of cutting-edge new technologies in a broad array of emerging fields of science and engineering. The content will have an applied science and technological slant with a focus on both innovation and application to daily lives. It will cover diverse disciplines such as health and life science, energy and environment, advanced materials, technology-based manufacturing, information science and technology, and marine and transportations technologies.

From the Founding Editors

Martin Yarmush & Mehmet Toner

Dear Colleague:

We are proud to have been chosen to lead this exciting opportunity for the greater community of applied researchers, applied scientists and engineers worldwide, namely the development of new high-impact journal entitled "Innovation and Emerging Technologies" (formerly known as TECHNOLOGY).

The motivation for this endeavor is to address the growing frustration among many applied scientists and engineers, who wish to publish their pioneering work in high-impact, interdisciplinary journals. High visibility/ high impact journals, in general, focus on the structure and function of the underlying science, and see technology development and technological innovation as less important. This focus has historically rejected many a Nobel Laureate's critical paper (e.g. Yalow and Berson's Radioimmunoassay, Paul Lautebur's NMR/MRI work, Kary Mullis' PCR paper, just to name a few). Certain clinical journals do provide high impact, but only after all the translational issues have been resolved to fully realize the application in patients. This "Catch-22" plagues applied scientists and engineers in all of today's important disciplines, but especially those working in the fields related to the Life and Health Science and Technology.

This limitation also has a negative impact on the entire process of research transfer and commercialization (or research translation). Such transfer of new, innovative technological ideas is best served by a proper means of publication of the initial scientific breakthrough, where the proof of concept is established and the actual innovation occurs and proceeds. Publication of these important advances tend, in our opinion, to suffer from, on the one hand, non-appreciative policies by the above-mentioned high impact science journals, and on the other hand, from the fact that somewhat less desirable, lower impact journals typically fail to garner adequate attention, and often lead to a lack of adequate funding. The resulting consequences of both constitute a virtual graveyard where many truly innovative ideas are buried.

In response to these growing concerns, which we know many of our esteemed international colleagues share, we are delighted to announce a new, high impact-striving yet inclusive by definition journal, called Innovation and Emerging Technologies. In this new journal, we aim to capture all work that is innovative, enabling, transformative, and early in its development with adequate proof of concept. We wish to emphasize the technology and its impact, and are not necessarily concerned if the paper is not "hypothesis driven".

Our publishing partner, World Scientific (WSPC) is fiercely dedicated to making the new Innovation and Emerging Technologies journal attain, a high impact factor as soon as possible, an effort which both of us and our colleagues on the Editorial Board intend to support wholeheartedly. This, of course, includes a very aggressive marketing and outreach plan. In this respect, we feel that the global reach and operation of WSPC, with their special strength in Asian Emerging markets, many of which have become hotbeds of innovation and new technological ideas, make this journal endeavor especially exciting.

Professor Martin "Maish" Yarmush
Founding Director, Center for Engineering in Medicine
Harvard Medical School/Massachusetts General Hospital
Paul and Mary Monroe Professor of Science and Engineering
Distinguished Professor of Biomedical Engineering
Rutgers University

Professor Mehmet Toner
Founding Director, NIH BioMEMs Resource Center
Harvard Medical School/Massachusetts General Hospital
Helen Andrus Benedict Professor of Surgery and Bioengineering
Harvard-MIT Division of Health Sciences and Technology
Harvard Medical School

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Latest Research

Health & Life Sciences

Twenty-four hour ex-vivo normothermic machine perfusion in rat livers

Omar Haque, Casie A. Pendexter, Stephanie E.J. Cronin, Siavash Raigani, Reiner J. de Vries, Heidi Yeh, James F. Markmann and Korkut Uygun

Current methods of electroporation for efficient vaccination uptake

Sunshine Littlecreek and Bonnie L. Firestein

Development of perfusion bioreactor for whole organ engineering — a culture system that enhances cellular engraftment, survival and phenotype of repopulated pancreas

Saik-Kia Goh, Suzanne Bertera, Vimal Vaidya, Sam Dumpe, Sierra Barner, Shibin Mathew and Ipsita Banerjee

The growing role of precision and personalized medicine for cancer treatment

Paulina Krzyszczyk, Alison Acevedo, Erika J. Davidoff, Lauren M. Timmins, Ileana Marrero-Berrios, Misaal Patel, Corina White, Christopher Lowe, Joseph J. Sherba, Clara Hartmanshenn, Kate M. O'Neill, Max L. Balter, Zachary R. Fritz, Ioannis P. Androulakis, Rene S. Schloss and Martin L. Yarmush

Real-time measurement of cholesterol secreted by human hepatocytes using a novel microfluidic assay

Sonali Karnik, Chaeeun Lee, Andrea Cancino and Abhinav Bhushan

Measuring the growth force of invasive plant cells using Flexure integrated Lab-on-a-Chip (FiLoC)

Mahmood Ghanbari, Muthukumaran Packirisamy and Anja Geitmann

Tri-culture system for pro-hapten sensitizer identification and potency classification

Serom Lee, Talia Greenstein, Lingting Shi, Tim Maguire, Rene Schloss, Martin Yarmush

Automated end-to-end blood testing at the point-of-care: Integration of robotic phlebotomy with downstream sample processing

M.L. Balter, J.M. Leipheimer, A.I. Chen, A. Shrirao, T.J. Maguire

A mixed-integer optimization approach for homogeneous magnet design

Iman Dayarian, Timothy C.Y. Chan, David Jaffray, Teo Stanescu

Review Article

Microfluidic flow cytometry: The role of microfabrication methodologies, performance and functional specification

Anil B. Shrirao, Zachary Fritz, Eric M. Novik, Gabriel M. Yarmush, Rene S. Schloss, Jeffrey D. Zahn, Martin L. Yarmush

Detection by death: A rapid way to detect viable slow-growing microorganisms achieved using microchannel Electrical Impedance Spectroscopy (m-EIS)

Roli Kargupta, Yongqiang Yang, Sachidevi Puttaswamy, Aiden J. Lee, Nicholas A. Padilla, Alec P. Foutch, Shramik Sengupta

A novel model for ex situ reperfusion of the human liver following subnormothermic machine perfusion

James H. Avruch, Bote G. Bruinsma, Pepijn D. Weeder, Gautham V. Sridharan, Robert J. Porte, Heidi Yeh, James F. Markmann, Korkut Uygun

Multi-omic network-based interrogation of rat liver metabolism following gastric bypass surgery featuring SWATH proteomics

Gautham Vivek Sridharan, Matthew D'Alessandro, Shyam Sundhar Bale, Vicky Bhagat, Hugo Gagnon, John M. Asara, Korkut Uygun, Martin L. Yarmush, Nima Saeidi

Immobilization platform to induce quiescence in dormancy-capable cancer cells

Julian Adolfo Preciado, Eduardo Reátegui, Samira M. Azarin, Emil Lou, Alptekin Aksan

Review Article

Status of diagnostics for three arbovirus infections in resource-limited settings

Kurt Pianka, Alan Rothman, Anubhav Tripathi

µ Neurocircuitry: Establishing in vitro models of neurocircuits

Joseph A. Fantuzzo, Lidia De Filippis, Heather McGowan, Nan Yang, Yi-Han Ng, Apoorva Halikere, Jing-Jing Liu, Ronald P. Hart, Marius Wernig, Jeffrey D. Zahn, Zhiping P. Pang

Design and characterization of three-dimensional twist-braid scaffolds for anterior cruciate ligament regeneration

Shreya Madhavarapu, Rohit Rao, Sarah Libring, Emma Fleisher, Yasonia Yankannah, Joseph W. Freeman

Review Article

Ultrasound imaging and segmentation of bone surfaces: A review

Ilker Hacihaliloglu

Hypoxia impairs mesenchymal stromal cell-induced macrophage M1 to M2 transition

Renea A. Faulknor, Melissa A. Olekson, Emmanuel C. Ekwueme, Paulina Krzyszczyk, Joseph W. Freeman, François Berthiaume

Review Article

Microscopes and technologies for imaging cells and their protein networks: From nano to atomic scale resolution

José E. Belizário, Beatriz A. Sangiuliano, Beatriz Viana-Santos, Marcela Pérez-Sosa, Izabela Caldeira

Cell-free vascular grafts: Recent developments and clinical potential

Sindhu Row, Ana Santandreu, Daniel D. Swartz, Stelios T. Andreadis

Building an experimental model of the human body with non-physiological parameters

Joseph M. Labuz, Christopher Moraes, David R. Mertz, Brendan M. Leung, Shuichi Takayama

Continuous-flow, electrically-triggered, single cell-level electroporation

Mingde Zheng, Joseph J. Sherba, Jerry W. Shan, Hao Lin, David I. Shreiber, Jeffrey D. Zahn

Mapping cancer signaling networks by an integrated multiplexed tissue imaging platform

Esteban Roberts, Thomas Jacob, Karl Garsha, Damien Ramunno-Johnson, Franklin Ventura, James Korkola, Julia Ashworth-Sharpe, Donald Johnson, Christopher L. Corless, Megan Troxell, Michael Barnes, Joe W. Gray, Kandavel Shanmugam1, Tania Vu

Donor variability among anti-inflammatory pre-activated mesenchymal stromal cells

Andrea Gray, Rene S. Schloss, Martin Yarmush

Immunosensor for rapid extraction/detection of enteric pathogens

Parul Jain, Kasey Pryg


Two-photon imaging of pancreatic beta cells in real time in vivo

Susan M. Clardy, Rainer H. Kohler, Claudio Vinegoni, Yoshiko Iwamoto, Edmund J. Keliher, Ralph Weissleder

An all-on-chip method for testing neutrophil chemotaxis induced by fMLP and COPD patient's sputum

Jiandong Wu, Craig Hillier, Paul Komenda, Ricardo Lobato de Faria, Susy Santos, David Levin, Michael Zhang, Francis Lin

Electropermanent magnet actuation for droplet ferromicrofluidics

José I. Padovani, Stefanie S. Jeffrey, Roger T. Howe

An integrated inertial microfluidic vortex sorter for tunable sorting and purification of cells

Xiao Wang, Xiaodi Yang, Ian Papautsky

Dextran functionalization enhances nanoparticle-mediated siRNA delivery and silencing

Daniel Vocelle, Olivia M. Chesniak, Amanda P. Malefyt, Georgina Comiskey, Kwasi Adu-Berchie, Milton R. Smith, Christina Chan, S. Patrick Walton

Signal transduction of the physical environment in the neural differentiation of stem cells

Ryan Thompson, Christina Chan

Understanding the mechanics of the bladder through experiments and theoretical models: Where we started and where we are heading

Sara Roccabianca, Tamara Reid Bush

Cell labeling and proximity dependent biotinylation with engineered monomeric streptavidin

Jasdeep K. Mann, Daniel Demonte, Christopher M. Dundas, Sheldon Park

Physics-based computer simulation of the long-term effects of cardiac regenerative therapies

Lik Chuan Lee, Joakim Sundnes, Martin Genet, Samuel T. Wall

Dynamic deformability of sickle red blood cells in microphysiological flow

Y. Alapan, Y. Matsuyama1, J. A. Little, U. A. Gurkan

A microfluidic biochip for complete blood cell counts at the point-of-care

U. Hassan, B. Reddy, Jr., G. Damhorst, O. Sonoiki, T. Ghonge, C. Yang, R. Bashir

Analyzing thoracic cavity gas during pneumothorax treatment to monitor the pneumothorax conditions in real time for updating the treatment strategy: A pilot study

Hui Ma, Wei Jia, Yuechuan Li

Modulating electrolytic tissue ablation with reversible electroporation pulses

Mary Phillips, Narayan Raju, Liel Rubinsky, Boris Rubinsky

A 3D spheroid system to evaluate inhibitors of the ABCG2 transporter in drug uptake and penetration

Sean Curran, Toni-Marie Achilli, Elizabeth Leary, Benjamin T. Wilks, Marguerite M. Vantangoli, Kim Boekelheide, Jeffrey R. Morgan

Fast sorting of CD4+ T cells from whole blood usingglass microbubbles

Chia-Hsien Hsu

Review Article

Microengineered cell and tissue systems for drug screening and toxicology applications: Evolution of in-vitro liver technologies

O. B. Usta, W. J. McCarty, S. Bale, M. Hegde, R. Jindal, A. Bhushan, I. Golberg, M. L. Yarmush


Quantitative assessments of glycolysis from single cells

Young Shik Shin, Jungwoo Kim, Dazy Johnson, Alex A. Dooraghi, Wilson X. Mai, Lisa Ta, Arion F. Chatziioannou, Michael E. Phelps, David A. Nathanson, James R. Heath


Microwell arrays reveal cellular heterogeneity during the clonal expansion of transformed human cells

Tim C. Chang, Weiliang Tang, William Jen Hoe Koh, Alexander J.E. Rettie, Mary J. Emond, Raymond J. Monnat, Jr., Albert Folch


A novel low-volume two-chamber microfabricated platform for evaluating drug metabolism and toxicity

Shyam Sundhar Bale, Gautham Vivek Sridharan, Inna Golberg, Ljupcho Prodanov, William J. McCarty, Osman Berk Usta, Rohit Jindal, Martin L. Yarmush

Stain-less staining for computed histopathology

David Mayerich, Michael J. Walsh, Andre Kadjacsy-Balla, Partha S. Ray, Stephen M. Hewitt, Rohit Bhargava

Advanced Materials

In vitro investigation of chitosan-polygalacturonic acid polyelectrolyte complex (PEC) biomaterials as anti-adhesive substrates for preventing adhesion formation

Shiv A. Mistry, Avi M. Desai, Peidong He, Karishma Desai, Jordan Tutnauer, Rene Schloss and Noshir A. Langrana

A scale-up nanoporous membrane centrifuge for reverse osmosis desalination without fouling

Qingsong Tu, Tiange Li, Ao Deng, Kevin Zhu, Yifei Liu, Shaofan Li

Cell-sized lipid vesicles for cell-cell synaptic therapies

D. Vallejo, S.H. Lee, D. Lee, C. Zhang, C. Rapier, S. Chessler, A.P. Lee

A thermoreversible, photocrosslinkable collagen bio-ink for free-form fabrication of scaffolds for regenerative medicine

Kathryn E. Drzewiecki, Juilee N. Malavade, Ijaz Ahmed, Christopher J. Lowe, David I. Shreiber


Modular pumps as programmable hydraulic batteries for microfluidic devices

Brian M. Cummins, Rukesh Chinthapatla, Balaji Lenin, Frances S. Ligler, Glenn M. Walker

Review Article

Recent advances in nonbiofouling PDMS surface modifi cation strategies applicable to microfl uidic technology

Aslihan Gokaltun, Martin L. Yarmush1, Ayse Asatekin, O. Berk Usta

Review Article

Responsive filtration membranes by polymer self-assembly

Papatya Kaner, Prity Bengani-Lutz, Ilin Sadeghi, Ayse Asatekin

A hybrid neural interface optrode with a polycrystalline diamond heat spreader for optogenetics

Bin Fan, Ki-Yong Kwon, Robert Rechenberg, Michael F. Becker, Arthur J. Weber, Wen Li

Two-stage nanoparticle delivery of piperlongumine and tumor necrosis factor-related apoptosis-inducing ligand (TRAIL) anti-cancer therapy

Charles C. Sharkey, Jiahe Li, Sweta Roy, Qianhui Wu, Michael R. King

Collagen and heparan sulfate coatings differentially alter cell proliferation and attachment in vitro and in vivo

Christopher M. Walthers, Chase J. Lyall, Alireza K. Nazemi, Puneet V. Rana, James C.Y. Dunn

Formulating propranolol as an amorphous melt affords reduced skin irritation potential for transdermal drug delivery

Kazuhiro Aoyagi, Michael Zakrewsky, Samir Mitragotri

Engineering of endothelial cell response on biphasic polyurethane matrix

Yuan Yuan, Calvin Cheah, Ayesha Arzumand, Jing Luo, G. Rajesh Krishnan, Debanjan Sarkar

Scaffold-integrated microchips for end-to-end in vitro tumor cell attachment and xenograft formation

Jungwoo Lee, Nathaniel Kohl, Sachin Shanbhang, Biju Parekkadan

"Universal" vitrification of cells by ultra-fast cooling

Yun Seok Heo, Sunitha Nagrath, Alessandra L. Moore, Mahnaz Zeinali, Daniel Irimia, Shannon L. Stott, Thomas L. Toth, Mehmet Toner

Energy & Environment

Asymmetric voltage multiplying circuit coupled to sliding electrodes for biomass fractionation with high-voltage and high current pulsed electric fields

Klimentiy Levkov and Alexander Golberg

Application of pulsed electric fields for the valorization of platelets with no therapeutic value for transfusion medicine

Duarte Rego, Luis Redondo, Sandro Casaleiro, Ana Paula Sousa, Sofia Abreu, Margarida Serra, Vitor Espirito Santo

Micro photosynthetic cell for power generation from algae: Bio-electrochemical modeling and verification

Hemanth Kumar Tanneru, Resmi Suresh, Aravind Vyas Ramanan, Shahparnia Mehdi, Muthukumaran Packirisamy, Pragasen Pillay, Sheldon Williamson, Philippe Juneau, Raghunathan Rengaswamy

Experimental investigation to study the effects of using hot and partially cold EGR in direct injection diesel engine

Radhey Sham, Rajesh Kumar Saluja, Gurwinder Singh, Vineet Kumar, Shubham Parmar

A paper-based microbial fuel cell operating under continuous flow condition

Niloofar Hashemi, Joshua M. Lackore, Farrokh Sharifi, Payton J. Goodrich, Megan L. Winchell, Nastaran Hashemi


High-voltage thin-film supercapacitor with nano-structured electrodes and novel architecture

Ye Zhang, Rajesh Rajamani

High-throughput evaluation of synthetic metabolic pathways

Justin R. Klesmith, Timothy A. Whitehead

An aqueous two-phase system to pre-purify a heterologously produced siderophore

Mahmoud Kamal Ahmadi, Samar Fawaz, Blaine A. Pfeifer

Micro photosynthetic power cell for power generation from photosynthesis of algae

Mehdi Shahparnia, Muthukumaran Packirisamy, Philippe Juneau, Valter Zazubovich

BioLEGO — a web-based application for biorefinery design and evaluation of serial biomass fermentation

Edward Vitkin, Alexander Golberg, Zohar Yakhini

An economic analysis of bioethanol production from the marine macroalga Ulva (Chlorophyta)

Leor Korzen, Yoav Peled, Shiri Zemah Shamir, Mordechai Shechter, Aharon Gedanken, Avigdor Abelson, Alvaro Israel

Optimizing the production of activated carbon from fast pyrolysis char

B.G. del-Campo, M.D. Morris, D.A. Laird, M.M. Kieffer, R.C. Brown

Biogas to biomethane upgrading by water absorption column at low pressure and temperature

Carlo Pirola, Federico Galli, Claudia L. Bianchi, Flavio Manenti

Long-term Listeria monocytogenes proliferation control in milk by intermittently delivered pulsed electric fields, implications for food security in the low-income countries

Alexander Golberg

Review Article

Switchgrass as a bioenergy feedstock: advances in breeding and genomics research

H.S. Bhandari, A.M. Missaoui, J.H. Bouton, M.C. Saha

Review Article

Perspectives on using pulsed electric field to enhance biogas yield in anaerobic digestion

Uwe Pliquett

Review Article

Toward the zero-emission coal-to-liquids plant

O. B. Usta, W. J. McCarty, S. Bale, M. Hegde, R. Jindal, A. Bhushan, I. Golberg, M. L. Yarmush

Review Article

A novel technology to produce microalgae biomass as feedstock for biofuel, food, feed and more

O. B. Usta, W. J. McCarty, S. Bale, M. Hegde, R. Jindal, A. Bhushan, I. Golberg, M. L. Yarmush


P. vortex-mediated strategies for polysaccharides decomposition

Tim C. Chang, Weiliang Tang, William Jen Hoe Koh, Alexander J.E. Rettie, Mary J. Emond, Raymond J. Monnat, Jr., Albert Folch

Information Science & Technology

One-step tumor detection from dynamic morphology tracking on aptamer grafted surface

Mohammed Arif I. Mahmood, Mohammad Raziul Hasan, Umair J. M. Khan, Peter B. Allen, Young-tae Kim, Andrew D. Ellington, Samir M. Iqbal

Technology Based Manufacturing

Rapid antibiotic sensitivity testing in microwell arrays

Fatemeh Jalali, Felix Ellett, Daniel Irimia



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